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WO-2012072910-A1: Compositions containing 1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-2-ene and 3,3,4,4,4- pentafluorobut-1-ene patent, WO-2012079062-A1: Chemiluminescent device with time delay activation patent, WO-2012088538-A3: Structural glazing spacer patent, WO-2012090015-A2: Device for providing first and second information patent, WO-2012090121-A3: Absolute gravimetric measurement device by atomic interferometry for geophysical applications particularly for monitoring hydrocarbon reservoirs patent, WO-2012099757-A3: Delayed image decoding patent, WO-2012107439-A1: Release tab for an electrical connector and electrical connector comprising said release tab patent, WO-2012107754-A2: Non-metallic coating and method of its production patent, WO-2012116119-A1: Circuit and method for testing insulating material patent, WO-2012118709-A2: Steering control system having speed-based centering patent, WO-2012135895-A1: Wetting composition patent, WO-2012140571-A1: Fall detection methods and devices patent, WO-2012149445-A1: Emergency disconnect system for riserless subsea well intervention system patent, WO-2012151473-A3: Apparatus and methods for integrated sample preparation, reaction and detection patent, WO-2012167353-A1: Injection device patent, WO-2012168211-A1: Heat exchange device patent, WO-2012168845-A1: Remote heat sink patent, WO-2012175175-A1: Method for generation of nanoparticle composite films and films made using such a method patent, WO-2013001404-A1: A covering system, particularly for greenhouses, with an integrated photovoltaic installation, for the production of electrical energy patent, WO-2013005993-A3: Method of dynamically changing content displayed in a vehicular head unit and mobile terminal for the same patent, WO-2013008188-A3: Moulding methods and apparatus patent, WO-2013010803-A1: Reproduction apparatus for printing on receiving material in a single pass print strategy patent, WO-2013011358-A1: Belt for transporting flat containers on top of one another patent, WO-2013015997-A3: Continuous catalytic generation of polyols from cellulose patent, WO-2013022505-A1: Inter-rat (radio access technology) energy saving management patent, WO-2013025569-A3: Method for the sublimation or pyrolysis of hydrocarbons using rf energy to break covelant bonds patent, WO-2013028602-A1: Apparatus and method for forming a carton patent, WO-2013050905-A1: Method for stopping or at least reducing the uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons, blowout, from a hydrocarbon extraction well patent, WO-2013066803-A1: Machine, control system and method for hovering an implement patent, WO-2013068683-A1: Method for encoding and decoding images, encoding and decoding device, and corresponding computer programs patent, WO-2013070481-A1: Dynamic policy based interface configuration for virtualized environments patent, WO-2013090742-A1: Energy absorbent fan blade spacer patent, WO-2013095549-A1: Low power, jitter and latency clocking with common reference clock signals for on-package input/output interfaces patent, WO-2013106934-A1: Novel regulators of innate immunity and uses thereof patent, WO-2013112243-A3: Ldv system for measuring wind at high altitude patent, WO-2013131053-A1: Systems and methods for inter-network service selection patent, WO-2013131573-A1: System and method for visualizing device data and network of an industrial plant in one display patent, WO-2013133549-A1: Health management system using home network and operation method thereof patent, WO-2013134112-A3: Resistance welding process and method of control patent, WO-2013138066-A1: Dual angles of incidence and azimuth angles optical metrology patent, WO-2013144425-A1: Download control patent, WO-2013152949-A1: Device for the thermal conditioning of a vehicle passenger compartment patent, WO-2013154464-A3: Dynamic formation of a matrix that maps known terms to tag values patent, WO-2013165581-A1: Apparatus and methods for controlled release of additive compositions patent, WO-2013172891-A3: Lower end plug with temperature reduction device and nuclear reactor fuel rod including same patent, WO-2013180973-A1: Systems and methods for providing electromagnetic interference shielding for integrated circuit modules patent, WO-2013184602-A3: Microorganisms and methods for production of 4-hydroxybutyrate, 1,4-butanediol and related compounds patent, WO-2013188458-A2: A personal lung function monitoring device capable of exhaled breath analysis patent, WO-2013190463-A1: Crankshaft bearing lubrication arrangement patent, WO-2014022332-A1: Modulation of the immune response patent, WO-2014033592-A1: Appliance for preparing food patent, WO-2014037485-A1: A chamber cleaning method using f2 and a process for manufacture of f2 for this method patent, WO-2014079515-A1: Combined dehydration of gas and inhibition of liquid from a well stream patent, WO-2014081577-A1: Exhaust-gas turbocharger patent, WO-2014083388-A1: Power driven vehicle having a take-apart frame patent, WO-2014085062-A1: Cell size enlarging agent for styrenic foam patent, WO-2014088659-A1: New carrier type (nct) information embedded in synchronization signal patent, WO-2014089489-A3: Enhanced network monitoring, data reporting, and data processing patent, WO-2014093452-A1: Dielectric sensor arrangement and method for swashplate angular position detection patent, WO-2014096187-A2: A cosmetic composition from fish hatching fluid, methods for its production and uses thereof for improving the cosmetic appearance of skin patent, WO-2014119857-A1: System and method for setting audio output channels of speakers patent, WO-2014120988-A1: Transmitter and receiver band pass selection for wireless telemetry systems patent, WO-2014123622-A1: Non-volatile memory monitoring patent, WO-2014124281-A1: Crystalline materials on biological tissue and methods for making the same patent, WO-2014127236-A1: One-sided capacitor foils and methods of making one-sided capacitor foils patent, WO-2014127823-A1: Digital verification patent, WO-2014138121-A1: Prosthetic implant for medialization thyroplasty patent, WO-2014138478-A1: Gynecological scope and morcellation systems and devices patent, WO-2014145142-A3: Method of improving survival in cancer patent, WO-2014150661-A1: Container for surgical object and fluid monitoring system patent, WO-2014158140-A1: Endoscope and method of assembly therefore patent, WO-2014164101-A1: Method to obtain accurate vertical component estimates in 3d positioning patent, WO-2014178805-A1: Printing ink in instant form and production method thereof patent, WO-2014179158-A1: Athletic training device patent, WO-2014187898-A1: Method for locating a target and multistatic radar system for implementing such a method patent, WO-2014193534-A1: Time- and geolocation-limited marketplace patent, WO-2014207442-A1: Programme control patent, WO-2015010055-A1: Ternary metal halide scintillator patent, WO-2015022613-A1: Compositions and methods for the treatment of diabetes and pre-diabetes patent, WO-2015027287-A1: Customised spacers to assess pre-planned alignment and stability and to assist with component alignment in total knee arthroplasty patent, WO-2015033366-A1: Article of jewelry having a replaceable ornamental element patent, WO-2015047367-A1: One-time power-on password patent, WO-2015066536-A1: Flexible structures patent, WO-2015077654-A1: Eas tag for bottles patent, WO-2015081021-A1: Fitment and fitment adapter for dispensing systems and methods for manufacturing same patent, WO-2015094766-A1: Probabilistic detemination of health prognostics for selection and management of tools in a downhole environment patent, WO-2015095500-A3: Fill limit vent valve having vapor permeable membrane patent, WO-2015113588-A1: An radio network controller and a method therein for managing a random access channel patent, WO-2015114548-A1: Liquid composition in the form of emulsion or microemulsion for rectal administration containing at least one dye, and its use in a diagnostic endoscopic procedure of sigmoid colon and/or rectum patent, WO-2015128634-A1: Image encoding and display patent, WO-2015130441-A1: Noise attenuation patent, WO-2015130935-A1: Culture conditions for expansion of nephron progenitor cells patent, WO-2015140504-A1: Mobile handover patent, WO-2015140748-A3: Sildenafil solutions and methods of making and using same patent, WO-2015145357-A1: Pass-through connector assembly for interconnecting a first wire to a second wire through a hole of a wall patent, WO-2015153220-A1: Covered endoscopic stents with adhesion elements patent, WO-2015168111-A1: Decontamination method and apparatus patent, WO-2015170268-A1: Fluid transfer from digital microfluidic device patent, WO-2015171671-A1: Context specific language model scale factors patent, WO-2015175784-A1: Systems and methods for determining a rheological parameter patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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